Production on Demand

The Cartel is a Brussels based collective of experienced film producers working under one name and with a common goal; to offer a wide range of cost-effective film production services for diverse clients, and this both domestic and worldwide.

Comedy, people, cars, special fx, stunts,

 highspeed, tablecloth, underwater shooting, stop motion, motion control, motion capture, vfx, still photography,

extensive production design, fashion & beauty, packshots, pre-production, post-production, line production, production management, pitching, bidding, ...  


Our producers pretty much handle it all.

Our Work

Here a few samples of the work Cartel producers made in the past.
For a more extenstive or specific reel please feel free to contact us.

Meet The Team

Annemie Decorte

+32 476 24 75 57




+32 477 27 05 54

Joop Haesen

+32 475 58 15 62



De Wachter

+32 498 53 24 53